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Riekert was my first serious boyfriend. I remember our first date in detail. I remember what I wore, where we went and what I ordered but most of all I remember the list of conversation topics in my jean pocket in case we ran out of things to talk about. Needless to say, the list was an unnecessary precaution.

It may seem strange that after 30 years of happy communication, I had a few qualms about spending 90 full days alone with my beloved husband. The "list" came to mind a couple of times :) Would I have enough stimulating conversation to keep him amused for so long?

Riekert, of course, was horrified by my fears.

In my mind's eye I had a picture of Jesus and Adam walking in the cool of the day. Adam didn't read up on interesting topics before they were able to communicate meaningfully. They walked along companionably chatting about what they saw and experienced. They may have laughed at an animal's interesting antics and I am sure they were often silent without feeling pressured to fill the void with words…

Communicating is as much about sharing comfortable silence as about words. We enjoy both words and silence as we travel along and all the while we are assured that around the next corner will be a new and wonderful topic of conversation. Such is the joy of travel and friendship!

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