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When and how God leads

Isn’t it strange how often we find ourselves trying to hurry God along? We feel we need to alter or fine-tune God’s plans for us into a more accomplishable whole. In the last four years I have been in this position more than I can count. God was asking me to do things that were taxing my resources too much. I wanted to obey Him but he was asking me for more than I could give. I have argued and negotiated with Him over this without much success. God is God of my life. He is my King, my Father and my final Authority and after my grumblings I have surrendered to His plan and trusted in His faithfulness to bring me through it. Now I find myself in a place of rest and restoration but I am resigned in the knowledge that with God my life will always be one of sacrifice. In order to serve and grow up in Christ Jesus, I must deny myself. Soon I will be challenged again to surrender my rights so that I can experience His power in my weakness, His strength in my failures, His endurance in my impatience, His growth in my passivity. God is good in every situation and in every way. His plans are perfect and His will for me is irreproachable. I bow my knees and surrender to Him. The path of the Lord is the path of life. I want to be found on no other way. Where and how He leads, I will follow. As I walk with Him I am challenged by my limitations and transformed by His Spirit. As I walk this road of obedience I look forward to meeting you there.

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