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Delightful Zambian names

Zambia is filled with villages, small and large. One of the joys of driving through this wonderful country is looking for delightful local shop names. Here are a couple of our favourites:

God is willing Investments

Blessing from God General Enterprises

Beauty and Pleasant intentions Parlor

Second chance Enterprise

Jesus never fail

Mini skirt store (definitely not selling mini skirts)

Sharp sharp Shop

Hope for success Investments

Get busy Restaurant

It is well Grocery

Blue sky Soak away (presumably selling beer)

Smartlife chemist

GoTV Life at 40 Live it Love it

Istanbul quality factory in Lusaka

The most interesting gentleman's names we came across were "Lights on" and "World".

These are not sophisticated names but they perfectly represent the people of Zambia. Simplicity, happiness, positivity, creativity and colour are everywhere you look.

Thank you for uplifting our hearts.

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