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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Riekert & Pippa | Zambia 2021

Riekert and I have been blessed with three months of long leave. What does one do with ninety days? I struggled with the reality of so much time filled with nothing… no family, no friends, no demands, no ministry… A week before we left South Africa, I was really anxious, not because of the journey but because of the prospect of no work for such a long period of time. A holiday is wonderful for a couple of weeks but we enjoy getting back into routine, discipline and employment after a time of rest.

We planned to go into rural Africa. I decided not to take books with me. I want to declutter… not only in stuff but also in mind. My desire is to learn how "to be". How to be means I first have to learn how to be without. I think that was the cause of my anxiety.

It's scary to go without the comforts of one's mind.

This is the beginning of a discovery. After a week, I am encouraged that I will not fall apart in the process. God is all around me. He holds the whole world in His hand. In going without the things that fill my life and mind, I know Him to be enough. I find Him to be everything.

I find Him! That is all. That is more than enough!

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