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The glory of God

I have never, before this week, experienced a lion in its natural habitat. I don't know what I expected but I was deeply moved by the presence and authority of these animals. There was no cowering or skittishness as the nine lionesses sauntered to the river. They were totally at peace and totally in control. The appearance of people in large vehicles were no deterrent. They gracefully passed us by as if we were not even there. A couple of the younger lionesses lay down to gaze at us before joining the rest of the pride.

Something of these animals spoke so clearly of majesty, serenity and dignity. I understand a little more of the meaning of Jesus' name: the Lion of the tribe of Juda.

This trip into the wilderness is showing me, more than anything else, the glory and multi-coloured beauty, wisdom and goodness of Jesus. The intricate beauty of the insects and plants, the delicacy of the little antelope, the vibrancy of colour and the calls of the birds, the endless expanse of the starry heavens, the sun and moon in their rising and setting.

Every creature is so intimately created. Every moment is divinely planned. How can I see or hear or smell the earth and the air and not know the goodness of God?

God is all around me. My heart and my soul rejoice in my Saviour. For, to me, He has shown great things and holy is His name. My soul will magnify the Lord all the days of my life!

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