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Visit to Witbank

It’s Monday evening and we have just arrived home from a weekend in Witbank. The Klipfontein Dutch Reformed congregation invited us to present a seminar on walking in Jesus’ footsteps. We laughed and cried and were challenged to walk the path of obedience to our Christ Jesus. A wonderful character trait of God is that He reveals our hearts’ secrets without withdrawing His love. We are convicted of our faults and mistakes but we are just as convinced of His grace and faithfulness to forgive us and lead us into all righteousness in Jesus. Years ago someone taught me that Satan attacks us with vague fear and guilt which leaves us depressed and hopeless. God, on the other hand, is specific in His revelation of our sin. He says, “Pippa, what you just said to that lady was not kind” and because I know that He loves me and that He recognizes me as His child, I have confidence to repent of my sin and move on with Him. The purpose of God’s discipline is always to bring me closer to Him and not to push me away. We serve a kind and gentle God and Father. May we grow up to be just like Him.

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