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A God centered life.

Pippa Botha - Blog

There’s a strange shift in our lives as we grow older that may seem terrifying at first but is enormously liberating and that is the realization that our extensive knowledge about life is limited at the very least.

Our youth was filled with definitives, our later lives are filled with uncertainties and the result is a move from self centeredness to God centredness. We were so certain about child raising, marriage and success because we had watched others and decided we were going to do things differently, later realizing that though we may have avoided those hazards we have tread firmly in other equally undesirable traps. Our high expectations have come to nothing.

The only ones that have stood the test of time are those grounded in Gods’ Word. Looking back at our lives we see so clearly the distinction between our God directed actions with their continued fruit and our self directed actions with their unfulfilled hopes. It is unsettling to have to acknowledge our failures in so many areas of our lives but oh so liberating to be able to look unflinchingly at them and know that God has a way of using even our failures to His glory!

We bend our knees in humility trusting Him for wisdom for the future, redemption for the past and restoration for the present.

God bless you .

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