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Confidence and trust

Pippa Botha Confidence and Trust

There’s a fat little robin that comes to visit us most mornings. As soon as the front door opens, he hops in and very confidently goes through to the kitchen, stopping now and again to breakfast on a crumb; then off through the dining area to the lounge, maybe hopping on a chair before he says his goodbyes and goes cheerily on his way. What fascinates me is his absolute certainty that he will be well received and even when I shoo him out, there is no flapping and anxiety in his retreat. He just seems to know that we love him and that he is welcome. His confidence delights us!

This little bird makes me think of a biblical principle about asking in Matthew 7:7-11. We are taught to continue asking of God trusting Him to do what is good. The freedom to keep asking, seeking and knocking is not of ourselves but rather in the knowledge of the goodness and faithfulness of God our Father. We know that He loves us. We know He is God and able to do more than we could ever dream. Like the little bird, we are aware that God is great and good and the beauty of His character provides the reason for our confidence. God loves the fact that we are confident in our approach of Him because it shows that we understand Who He is.

This brings a question. Must God always do what we ask? Of course not. Though we have freedom to come and ask, we also humbly surrender to His will. Both confidence and surrender flow from the assurance of His goodness. I can accept God’s “no” when I am convinced that His will for me is good.

My trust in His character soothes my disappointment and encourages me to constantly realign my own desires to match His.

The little robin reminds me that I can rely on my Father to kindly receive me, to delight in my presence and to listen earnestly to my requests. I surrender under His mighty hand because he deals gently with his beloved.

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