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Gift of hope


A quiet afternoon, a mug of coffee, soft music and gentle rain. These are the blessings of this moment... all so much more appreciated because we have had a very hectic weekend and week!

Life experience and exposure to its hardships leads us to a deeper appreciation of it’s beauty. The view from the mountain top is unspeakably stunning after experiencing the confines of the valley. Food is delicious when you’re hungry, water sweet when you’re parched. Rain after drought, quiet after noise, freedom after restraint, kindness after abuse… every good thing grows in value after exposure to the opposite. I remind myself that the hardships of life highlight the gifts of life.

Years ago when Riekert was very ill in Ukraine and we received the diagnosis that he had three brain tumours and multiple sclerosis we were in a state of terror. For two weeks we lived in dread believing that he would never see the children grow up. Even after the South African neurologists told us that the diagnosis was incorrect, we were afraid. So who was right? Maybe there was something sinister in his brain. He was ill after all... In the dark hours of the night when every hidden fear haunts one, I made a decision that I would be grateful for any and every moment of my life with Riekert even if it might be prematurely ended. I decided that instead of fear and regret , love and gratitude were a far more satisfying approach to this life.

We live in a world where brokenness surrounds us every day. Pain and hardship are things we are all familiar with. The moments of quiet and peace are few but their scarcity makes them precious.

The times of pure joy, love and peace are a preview of what awaits us in heaven. Now they are fleeting pockets of respite but then they will be forever. When we leave this world, we will hear our Father say, “ well done good and faithful servant. Enter into My rest.” Until then we take hold of every restful moment and treasure it as a gift of hope.

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