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He gives His beloved sleep

I was lying awake one night contemplating an enormous obstacle in the path of my heart. Riekert snored gently beside me as I talked myself through the paces of dealing with this stumbling block. After hours of self-counselling my conclusion was made, this was too big for me. It was a task for the Lord of Lords. If He didn't remove the issue, the chances of it staying right where it was, was a hundred percent. I happily remembered the scripture about Him giving it to His beloved in their sleep (Psalm 127:2) and hoped that I would wake up on the morrow and that all would be resolved. I turned over in bed and joined my husband in sleep.

A couple of hours later my mind woke up again and resumed the journey around my troubles. I wonder why three o'clock in the morning seems to be the appointed hour for these rumblings?

My thoughts went to a recent holiday when Riekert and I were testing the 4X4 capabilities of our Land Rover. I found myself clinging to my seat anxiously as we approached an impossible climb. The enormous rocks and ditches in our path would definitely have been the nemesis of a lesser vehicle but Riekert confidently put the Landy into lower drive and claimed that all he needed to do from there on was choose the correct line… in other words to make sure the wheels were taking the wisest route. Slowly slowly we covered the impossible road. No slipping, sliding, getting stuck or falling over. Just puttering inch by inch over and through every obstacle. It was miraculous!

God hadn't taken my turmoil away in my sleep but He had revealed His strategy to me. He promised to take me through the process if I would direct my feet towards Him and step out in faith. He would do the rest. Comforted and assured that He was in attendance; I slipped back to sweet sleep.

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