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Of horses and goads

"It is hard for you to kick against the goads".

These were Jesus' words to Saul when he had been thrown off his horse on the road to Damascus.

Thinking about this scene and the meaning of it for myself, I was struck by a couple of things:

Goads are sticks with sharp metal points used to prod cattle in the direction appointed by the cattle herd. Jesus' words show that He had been prodding Saul for a while and Saul had been resisting Him. Saul's resistance was causing him pain. That was a new thought for me.

I thought Saul was caught totally unawares when He met Jesus on that fateful day but Jesus had been working in His heart for some time.

The usual means of getting from one place to another in those days was walking. To ride a horse showed purpose, authority and power. Saul was on a mission. The mission was full of man made importance. By throwing Saul off his horse, Jesus underscores the truth that He is above all powers, principles and authorities. He is saying, "get off your high horse" and "lay down your own importance".

I am All and above all. Bow before the Ultimate Authority.

When I feel the goad in my flesh and I am filled with my own opinions and purposes, may I get off my high horse, bow down with my face to the ground and worship my Beloved Lord. May I be open to hear His words that are sure to direct my stubborn self back onto His path.

May I cry out for His mercy and grace and determine to obey

Him in every thought and deed.

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